Miss filipina international returns

    (LOS ANGELES, 28 JUNE 2021) - After a difficult year, Miss Filipina International (formerly Binibining Pilipinas USA) cautiously welcomes tourism’s gradual return.

    One of pageant’s biggest contribution is that it can be a springboard for good causes, it has the ability to amplify a message of hope and good will. Much like what the Miss Filipinas International is trying to do to spur economic recovery for the Philippine tourism sector. As the Philippine government relaxes travel requirements to visit the Philippines, MFI is looking forward to its annual tourism promotion trips to the Philippines’ top tourism drawers with safety precautions observed. This is commendable in keeping a new generation of Filipinas be in touch of their Philippine roots, cultures and traditions, as well as to spur international interest on what the country has to offer.

    The Miss Filipina International and Miss Filipina Teen International beauty pageants, produced by Insider Entertainment Group, proudly announces the 2021 edition of this annual event, featuring fifty (50) young women from around the world, each a paradigm of the modern Filipina.

    Now in its 8th year, the fierce competition for top honors among these accomplished and beautiful ladies will culminate on Coronation Night, to be held on July 31, 2021, at 5:00 p.m., at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, preceded by the Preliminary Competition, set for July 30, 2021, at 7:30 p.m., at the same venue.

    50 young beautiful Filipinas were scoured all over the globe from the US, Asia, Europe and Australia to join this year’s competition.


The 2021 Miss Filipina Teen International Candidates:

Teen 1 Nicole Laus

Teen 2 Rachel Zafra

Teen 3 Athelia Herrera

Teen 4 Zxyrhy Esperon

Teen 5 Lian Therese Vicente

Teen 6 Angelle Samaniego

Teen 7 Jennelle Ramos

Teen 8 Kayla Michelle Liwanag

Teen 9 Amparo Sagun

Teen 10 Rain Romeo

Teen 11 Allissa Lainne Villegas

Teen 12 Anneka De Leon

Teen 13 Irene Youngblood

Teen 14 Nicole Angel Sabuero

Teen 15 Ashley Suguitan

Teen 16 Sarah Kotb

Teen 17 Nathalie Jabonero

Teen 18 Kylie Bitanga

Teen 19 Analee Rose Ronas

Teen 20 Madeleine Ariola

Teen 21 Amanda Geronimo

Teen 22 Chrystal Hope Masaoay

Teen 23 Florian Dumaguit

Teen 24 Dhaniella Ancheta

Teen 25 Cady Shamulus

Teen 26 Krysten San Diego

Teen 27 Lahela Angel Ramos


The 2021 Miss Filipina International Candidates:

Miss 1 Desirie Abapo

Miss 2 Ashley Fabillaran

Miss 3 Kait Coontz

Miss 4 Kylee Quitayen

Miss 5 Eden Bustamante

Miss 6 Pearly Nicole Crisostomo

Miss 7 Francesca Dela Cruz

Miss 8 Mia Davis

Miss 9 Allison Pundavela

Miss 10 Christine Petrivelli

Miss 11 AC Star Talingdan

Miss 12 Kimberley Ann Anadeo

Miss 13 Marinella Santiago

Miss 14 Adilene Klink

Miss 15 Edelyn Necesito

Miss 16 Casziel Angelika Bartolome

Miss 17 Camille Venzuela

Miss 18 Nikaela Llosa

Miss 19 Anchelle Arciaga

Miss 20 Kimberly Clark

Miss 21 Alecssandra De Leon

Miss 22 Leilani Seangbouakham

Miss 23 Arianna Kyla Padrid



• Round trip ticket to the Philippines*

• A chance to compete in an international pageant in the Philippines*

• MFI/MFTI winner and MFI Tourism will receive a two-week expense paid trip to the Philippines in September/October 2021*

• 2nd highest score among top (5) finalists will be crowned Miss Filipina International – Tourism and serve as Official Goodwill Ambassador for the Philippine Department of Tourism for one (1) year.

• An elaborate, custom-made silver medallion commemorating their reigns

• Gift package from Porsche Downtown LA

• $1,000 worth of hair treatments from Sponsor

• $1,000 worth of beauty treatments from Sponsor

• One Miss candidate will be selected Miss Philippines Airlines and will receive one (1) business class round trip ticket to the Philippines, will serve as an Official Goodwill Ambassador representing Philippine Airlines at official events for one (1) year following the pageant

• MFI/MFTI winner and other titleholders will spend a significant amount of their yearlong reigns attending series of press and public appearances and travel that help raise awareness of the causes supported by the pageant. These appearances may include media outlets, networks, charitable organizations, sponsor events and similar activities, including casting opportunities, movie premieres, screenings, concerts, shows and launch parties. Hair and makeup provided by the official pageant sponsors and stylists.

*Additional rules will apply

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