Miss Filipina International (formerly Binibining Pilipinas USA) Steps Into the Spotlight in 2018


(Los Angeles, CA – October 23, 2017) After five memorable years of serving the Filipino-American community, BINIBINING PILIPINAS USA has grown to be a big family. Throughout the years, we have celebrated the beauty of exceptional Filipina-American womanhood together.  As this year’s chapter is coming to a close...we are sad to report that this will be the final year ever of Binibining Pilipinas USA and Binibining Pilipinas Teen USA.  We thank you all for being part of that extended family.  Binibining Pilipinas USA and Binibining Pilipinas Teen USA and its former alumni will always be a part of the storied history of the organization.

But fear not, Binibining Pilipinas USA lives on, and is upgrading!  Binibining Pilipinas USA and Binibining Pilipinas Teen USA have simply grown too big to stay on the national level, and to remain limited to Filipino-American sponsors and advertisers.  It is now catering to a wider mainstream audience across the globe, as MISS FILIPINA INTERNATIONAL (MFI) and MISS FILIPINA TEEN INTERNATIONAL (MFTI)!  MFI and MFTI are expanding its scope to a global search, to include candidates from the Philippines and to every place where a Filipino community exists.  This marks an unprecedented milestone in adding to the prestige of an already lauded organization.  Insider Entertainment Group has proven to have raised the bar in Filipino-American Productions.  It now has opened its demographic to ambitious new summits, while continuing to promote Philippine tourism as its core mission.  

So we thank you for your continued support, as we ask you to come along with us on this exciting journey to the future of MISS FILIPINA INTERNATIONAL (Your DESTINY Awaits!) and MISS FILIPINA TEEN INTERNATIONAL (Your DESTINY Begins!).

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