A WORLDWIDE search for those extraordinary WOMEN in our Filipino communities around the globe where all Hollywood gathers – the Beverly Hilton – home to the most glamorous of Hollywood award ceremonies.
The Golden Globes, the Emmys, the Grammys.

2023 Press Release

We are proud to announce BMV Beverly Hills as MFI’s 2023 official sponsor. On August 5, 2023, the grand winner wins the new BMW 2023 3 Series!


Miss Filipina International is honored to have the unwavering support of its sponsors, who passionately share the pageant’s vision of empowering and celebrating the extraordinary talent and beauty of Filipina women worldwide. These esteemed sponsors comprise an array of organizations that champion women’s education and empowerment, as well as illustrious companies that align with the pageant’s noble principles.


These candidates have been carefully selected for their beauty, intelligence, and cultural pride, and are poised to compete in the prestigious Miss Filipina International pageant. From their individual profiles and photos to their inspiring stories and advocacies, visitors to the website will get a glimpse into the lives and aspirations of these remarkable young women.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and diversity of Filipino culture through the Miss Filipina International pageant.


Miss Filipina International is a prestigious beauty pageant that aims to showcase the beauty, intelligence, and grace of Filipino women on a global scale. Our mission is to empower and inspire young women to embrace their inner and outer beauty, especially their cultural heritage, to live out their full potential and show everyone who they really are.

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